EMME Integration Weekend 2022

September 2022 – Every September, the academic year for the Master EMME begins with an Introductory Field Session (IFS) – a teaching unit taught during both the M1 and M2 years of the Master’s. This year, the weekend between these two IFS courses offered the perfect opportunity for students from both years to once again enjoy an EMME integration weekend. Organised by M2 students and paid for by the Master’s programme, the aim of this weekend retreat was to welcome new students to the course while offering them a chance to meet their peers and explore some of the beautiful outdoors of Franche-Comté.


In addition to the great food provided by the Centre de vacances Les Fauvettes, the students enjoyed plenty of fun indoor and outdoor activities, including hiking, games in the forest, installing camera traps, playing table tennis and badminton, and yoga sessions to name just a few. Each M1 student also used this weekend to randomly choose a student from the M2 year to act as their “mentor” for the upcoming year, giving them an opportunity to ask questions about a range of topics including the EMME programme, internships, or general student life in Besançon.