2021 Integration Weekend

September, 2021 – At the beginning of each academic year, our EMME M2 students organise an integration event for their M1 peers to welcome them to the program, and to France for our international students. This year, the integration event was a weekend long excursion to the hostel “Le centre des Fauvettes” in the town of Levier, about an hour away from Besançon.

During this weekend, the first and second year students got to know each other and fun games were played to randomly assign first year students as mentors to second year students. According to one of our M1 international students, the integration weekend “promised to be fun, free and slightly odd and it certainly delivered, set with the magnificent (surrounding) French Jura mountains”.

This weekend included, among other things, a great deal of food and drinks, yoga, naps in the sun, a paint war in the forest, mountain climbing, a cold swim in the Lison valley waterfalls, a campfire accompanied by roasted marshmallows, ping pong, dancing…