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Discover the Master’s degree in Ecology, Monitoring and Management of Ecosystems through the flyer presenting the content, the learning outcomes, the teaching methods, the international mobility, the application etc.

M1 Internship defenses

EMME Master students will present their works carried out during their internships. You can attend their internship defenses, open to the public. Master 1 students will defend their internship thesis at June 18th and 19th 2019, in amphitheatre B. M2 students will...

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Field session of CBEM teaching unit

This field session of the CBEM (Conservation Biology and Ecosystems Management) teaching unit took place from June 3rd to June 7th 2019. The students had to choose one of the subjects proposed by the teaching staff or to propose one subject on their own choice. All...

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M1 and M2 Internships – 2019

Students of the Master in Conservation Biology, specialization in Ecology, Monitoring and Management of Ecosystems, started their internships in various hosting structures (research units, NGOs, private (consultancy) companies), in France or abroad. Mobility grants...

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Field trip in the Saône’s marshland

March 2nd , from 9am to 12pm The GNUFC association (Naturalistic University Group of Franche-Comté) organizes a discovery outing in the Saône's marshland. This visit has for main purposes to present the marshland, its functioning, its fauna and flora, and the...

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Field session

January 2019 : Trapping of deers and birdwatching at the lake of Der. This field session took place for 2 days and allowed students, as part of the CBEM (Conservation Biology and Ecosystem Management) teaching unit, to carry out birdwatchings at the lake of Der,...

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Lichens and mosses inventory

March 6th, from 12.45 to 1.30pm, University campus-"La Bouloie" The GNUFC (Naturalistic University group of Franche-Comté) organizes an inventory of lichens and mosses present on the campus, on march 6th. This inventory is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge...

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