Bat workshop on “Teensy Recorders”

In May 2022, a workshop was hosted at the university by Lise Dauphin and Raphaël Verollet, lecturers for the M2 EMME teaching unit: Taxonomic Specialisation in Bats. This workshop was organised by the French Society for the Study and Protection of Mammals (SFEPM) to build Bat Detectors (or “Batboxes”) – specialised devices used to detect the ultrasonic signals produced by bats. Students from both the M1 and M2 years of the Master’s took part in this workshop. Thanks to SFEPM, and with the guidance and training of Lise, Raphaël, and two other EMME lecturers who volunteered their time, students learned how to use materials to construct inexpensive bat detectors and recorders called “Teensy Recorders.


Spending the day in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere learning how to build the devices, the team managed to construct 9 Teensy Recorders. These devices will be used in the field by students and staff during the Master’s course and field sessions that take place during the second year. Thank you, Lise and Raphaël, for this fun and useful exercise!