Scientific English M2


This module is designed to improve the oral and written standard of both general and scientific English in the students. Emphasis will be placed on self-confidence, but also on collaboration and communication between members of the group. Any subject, including non-scientific, can be presented according to everyone’s interests. Thus, the practice of English should be as natural and uninhibited as possible.

Learning Objectives:

Theoretical learning outcomes:
• Extending your knowledge of English (grammar, syntax, spelling).

Technical learning outcomes:
• Being able to carry out a scientific presentation in the context of a conference.
• Presenting orally a subject of their choice (a research work on a subject related to students’ specialisations and interests).
• Presenting orally (in English) a scientific publication (published in English).
• Being able to answer a panel’s questions in English and take part in a scientific discussion (ex: during a conference or a “café scientifique”).
• Being able to quickly identify key information in a document (ex: video, article) and summarise it in your own words (writing or speaking).
• Acquiring the basics of writing a scientific article.
• Using digital communication and linguistic tools.
• Being able to transcribe, in clear and concise English, scientific information from a document or an oral presentation.


English knowledge and skills of a Bachelor’s degree.

Teaching Methods:



Individual evaluation of participation during the sessions (30%), presentation given during a ‘mini-conference’ (30%), and the TOEIC score (40%).


Caroline GOSSELIN,

Francis RAOUL,