Scientific English


This module is designed to improve the oral and written standard of both general and scientific English in the students. Emphasis will be placed on self-confidence, but also on collaboration and communication between members of the group. Any subject, including non-scientific, can be presented according to everyone’s interests. Thus, the practice of English should be as natural and uninhibited as possible.

Learning Objectives:

Theoretical learning outcomes:
• Extending your knowledge of English (grammar, syntax, spelling).
Technical learning outcomes:
• Presenting orally a scientific article published in English.
• Being able to answer a panel’s questions in English and take part in a scientific discussion (e.g. during a conference or a “café scientifique”).
• Being able to quickly identify key information in a document (e.g. video, article) and summarise it in your own words (writing or speaking).
• Acquiring the basics of writing a scientific article.


English knowledge and skills of a Bachelor’s degree.

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, seminars


  • Individual oral presentation of posters and/or publications
  • Presentation on a topic of your own choice (7 minutes with a PowerPoint or 3 minutes of “Flash Talks”)
  • Written summary of oral and written documents
  • Writing on various subjects

Related Media:

There are diverse resources associated with this module: TED Talks, New Scientist, YouTube, movies, series or anything that enhances thinking and communication in English. Students are invited to be curious and receptive in the diversity of resources utilised.


Caroline GOSSELIN,

Francis RAOUL,