Conservation Biology and Ecosystem Management


This unit teaches concepts and methods in conservation and restoration ecology and management of ecosystems.

Learning Objectives:

Theoretical learning outcomes:
• Enhancing knowledge related to global and regional biodiversity, endemism, bio- and phylo-geography.
• Enhancing knowledge about threats to biodiversity (habitat destruction, over-harvesting, invasive species, global change…).
• Developing knowledge about stochastic and deterministic processes involved in threatened populations issues.
• Developing knowledge about conservation concepts and tools in- and ex-situ.
• Developing knowledge about restoration ecology concepts.
• Developing knowledge about theory and practice/implementation of management plans.

Technical learning outcomes:
• Understanding and interpreting a biological conservation issue.
• Carrying out ecological maintenance work on a site.


Knowledge in Ecology, relevant Bachelor’s degree.

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, seminars, practicals


Reports on the content of the sessions, oral and written exams.

Recommended Reading:

  • Groom M.J., Meffe G.K., Carroll C.R. 2006. Principles of Conservation Biology. 3rd Edition. Sinauer Associates, Inc. ISBN: 978-0-87893-597-0

Related Media:

  • Romain Gary. 1956. Les racines du ciel. ISBN: 2070167666