M1 Remoray Lake Visit – 2021

On November 16, 2021, the EMME M1 students spent the morning at the village of Labergement Sainte Marie, as part of the Anthropogenic Impacts on Ecosystems teaching unit. It is in this village that the house of the Remoray national nature reserve is located. This reserve is one of the richest natural areas of the upper Doubs department and extends over 430 ha where the famous Remoray lake is located, as well as peat bogs, rivers, meadows, forests and gravel pits. You can read more about the Remoray lake reserve here.

Students were welcomed by the curator, Bruno Tissot, at the house of the association “friends of the reserve”. He presented the reserve and its history and then guided them through a visit of the 6 exhibition halls of the house. Later on, students were guided by the scientific attaché Hadrien Gens to visit the wetlands and the protected forest, and to be introduced to the importance of hoverflies.