Field session

January 2019 : Trapping of deers and birdwatching at the lake of Der.

This field session took place for 2 days and allowed students, as part of the CBEM (Conservation Biology and Ecosystem Management) teaching unit, to carry out birdwatchings at the lake of Der, hosting rich and diversified avifauna. Moreover, the migration of the Common crane is subject to regular monitoring through counts realized by the LPO Champagne-Ardenne (association working for birds protection). You can find out complementary informations in the synthetic documentation provided by this association !

The next day, students carried out hunts, trappings and blood samples on deers, in the “Trois-fontaine” area. The individuals trapped for the first time were equipped with a GPS device. This way, students took part in this deers population monitoring and observed the laying of GPS devices.