Field session of CBEM teaching unit

This field session of the CBEM (Conservation Biology and Ecosystems Management) teaching unit took place from June 3rd to June 7th 2019. The students had to choose one of the subjects proposed by the teaching staff or to propose one subject on their own choice. All subjects required habitat characterization, according to standardized protocols, on top of bird/bat/other identification/count. The teaching staff is on the field during the whole week in order to supervise the choice and implementation of the protocol, the data analysis and to exchange with students about technical and/or theoretical issues that they could meet.

You can find below the list of subjects chosen by the students:

  • Factors explaining the distribution and/or the diversity of bats in the Drugeon valley
  • Are kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) aggregated and linked to densities of preys?
  • Bird communities on dry grasslands from the Larmont in areas already open or to be opened within Natura 2000 programmes
  • Influence of anthropogenic disturbance (visitor numbers) on plant communities in the Mont D’Or (Doubs, France)