What career prospects does the BEWM master offer?

Graduate students from the BEWM master pursue a career in a variety of different sectors:

  • teaching (20%)
  • academic research (PhD candidates, technicians…) (33%)
  • operating officers in GOs and NGOs (20%)
  • others (26%)

What level of English is required to attend the BEWM master?

A B2 level in English is highly recommended to attend the BEWM master. Please note that 90% of courses are in English in the first year, 100% in the second year.

What academic background is required to attend the BEWM master?

The required background for admission in the first year corresponds to a bachelor level in ecology, evolutionary biology or population biology as a general manner.

Direct entrance at the second year of the master level is possible for applicants with five years of previous studies.

In more details, applicants need to master the fundamental concepts from evolutionary biology, basic ecology concepts, have some notions of quantitative and population genetics, basic notions of animal behaviour (behavioural ecology), and a fair level of biostatistics (descriptive and analytical statistics).

Please note the specificity of a master’s programme in France : about 25 hours of teaching (lectures, tutorials and practicals) per week + 20 hours of personal work

What level of French is required to attend the BEWM master?

We would generally advise applicants to have a A2/B1 level to be comfortable following the course taught in French. Please note though that only one class is taught in French in the first year, and every course is in English in the second year. No diploma assessing your level in French is necessary.

I have graduated in a foreign country. Can I apply for the master BEWM?

Yes, there is no restriction regarding the nationality of students or the country where they did their undergraduate studies. Note, however, that you will be asked to provide evidence that you have acquired the required skills in ecology and evolution during your undergraduate studies (see What academic background is required to attend the BEWM master?)

I am a foreign student, how do I apply for the master BEWM?

Applications for the academic year 2019-2020 for international students will be open from the beginning of February to June 21st 2019. Applications for French students (or international students holding a French Bsc) will be open between April 21st and June 21st 2019 through the platform e-candidat.

Please, make sure you read the requirements before applying : master the fundamental concepts from evolutionary biology, basic ecology concepts, have some notions of quantitative and population genetics, basic notions of animal behaviour (behavioural ecology), and a fair level of biostatistics (descriptive and analytical statistics).

Send an e-mail addressed to professor Frank Cézilly (bewm@nature-conservation-ubfc.com) with your detailed CV and include a small description of the classes you took in your previous/current degree (the description can usually be found on a syllabus or your university website).

If this first application is validated, you will receive a second application form from the BEWM master teaching team.

For more information, please check the tab “Application”.


How and when do I find my master’s internship?

Internships last from 2 months (in France) to 3 months (abroad) in the first year of master, and 4 months (in France) to 6 months (abroad) in the second year.

Internships can be chosen from those communicated by the master’s teaching team every year. You also have the possibility to find a supervisor and an internship by yourself in any laboratory, although the whole project has to be validated by the master’s teaching team.

In any case, internships have to be found and validated by mid-January in the first year, and by the end of September in the second year.

Please note that internships are open to BEWM master’s students only.