Applications for the academic year 2020-2021 for international students will be open from the beginning of February to June 2020.

Applications for French students (or international students holding a French Bsc) will be open from April to June 2020 through the platform e-candidat.

Start of the academic year on September 7th 2020.

Please, check the FAQ section for the requirements before applying and if you have questions (French/English level, background…)

Maximum 16 students will be chosen.

To apply, first address an email to professor Frank Cézilly (, sending a CV and include a small description of the classes you took in your previous/current degree (the description can usually be found on a syllabus or your university website). All correspondance (CV, classes description and e-mails) should be written in English.

If your application fits the master’s courses and goals, you will be sent a formal application form to fill in and send back.

Selection of successful applicants will then be performed following a two-step process:

1/ assessment of application form sent

2/ Skype interview beginning in May (international students) or June (French students/international students holding a French BSc) if the applicant has successfully passed the first step.

Our final decision will be communicated to applicants at the beginning of July.